ENG396: Making Quality Job Interview Presentations

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ENG396: Making Quality Job Interview Presentations


About this course

This intensive course  has the following structure/outline –

Course Name/Title Making Quality Job Interview Presentations
Course Number ENG 396
Who will benefit from attending? The short course teaches modern techniques for generating impactful and quality-laden presentations for job interview purposes.


Course Content  

The course content includes:

  • Researching the company and gathering background information for the job interview
  • Initial preparatory steps – planning the message(s) and underlying content
  • Determining optimal channels, media and tools for delivering the presentation.
  • Structuring topics and content for the job interview presentation
  • Honing the messages in the presentation to reflect the job context
  • Characterizing the job interview audience and the context
  • Developing overarching presentation structure and sub-structures for key contextual items
  • Maintaining coherence and presentational flow
  • Preparing the presentation – generating a pitch that showcases your talent, expertise and experience
  • Tuning job interview presentations for maximal audience engagement
  • Fielding answers and building empathy
  • Garnering audience feedback and refining your technique


Course Scheduling & Price Information
Course Run Dates Course timings may be set to suit the client requirements


Course Duration 3 – 4 Days (this may be varied or customized to suit the client), 4 – 5 hours per study day.


Course Venue Within the client’s premises or at the EMBT Training Centre


Course Fees We provide generous fees discounts, instalment payment plans, bursaries and scholarships for the program.


For current course fees please contact – admissions@embt-college.org




Course Delivery Approach

The courses are delivered via instructor-led sessions, with experienced UK-qualified English instructors.  Sessions will be fully language-immersive and will include role-playing and use of CBT tools to augment delivery.




Assessment & Certification

Assessment of performance will be through delegate-completed portfolio of work.  The final course outcome is a college-issued “English Proficiency” Course Certificate of Completion.



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