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Frequently Asked Questions



Question 1

Are all EMBT College’s courses conducted online?

Answer – We are able to conduct most of our courses using any one of three formats – online, on-site or in blended mode.  The particular mode(s) selected for delivery will depend on the specific subject-area, learning environment, prevailing study circumstances and anticipated demand.


Question 2

Will it be possible to request attendance specifically for face-to-face (on-site) delivery of classes after enrolling for an online course?

Answer – Yes, we are happy to consider requests to switch between the three delivery formats – online, on-site or in blended mode, after registration, provided the desired delivery mode is available for that instance of the selected course.


Question 3

How do students access library and other academic resources after course enrolment?

Answer – Students are provided with username and password credentials after enrolment to access the online library and other web-accessible academic resources.


Question 4

What is EMBT College’s MBA course fee?

Answer – We offer affordable course fees for all of our academic programs, as well as generous bursaries, scholarships and payment plans.  Specific fees tend to vary slightly depending on study format (e.g., full-time or part-time), delivery mode (e.g., online or on-site), geographic location and the level of bursary or scholarship offered.  For the most general cases, MBA course fees range from £1500 to £2000, per semester, for full-time study.  This drops down to £300 per semester for sponsored students on a full scholarship.

Please contact the Admissions office ( for up-to-date fees lists.


Question 5

Are we (or our parents or sponsors) able to reclaim VAT or offset fees against income tax?

Answer – Yes, VAT may be reclaimed when we have had to charge this for particular locations.  This requires that the fee payment is made by a VAT-registered business, for permitted taxable expenditures.  Similarly, when allowed by your local tax regime, course fee payments may be used to offset personal or business income tax.


Question 6

Are we able to request fee refunds for courses we have paid for?

Answer – Yes, you are able to do this subject to specific conditions.  For further information please refer to EMBT College’s refund policy document at