OGM714: Oil & Gas Legal Frameworks & Agreements

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OGM714: Oil & Gas Legal Frameworks & Agreements


About this course

This intensive course  has the following structure/outline –

Course Outline
Course Name/Title Oil & Gas Legal Frameworks & Agreements
Course Number OGM714
Who will benefit from attending? This course is designed for –

·        Senior, Mid-level and Junior Managers

·        Supervisory Staff

·        Project Managers

·        Team Leaders

·        Staff needing to hone their administrative skills


This offering of the course is contextualized for the oil and gas sector and offers a number of exemplars and case studies for that industry.


The course allows delegates to update their knowledge and learn new or improved techniques for a variety of formal work settings.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)  

On completing the course, delegates will be able to –


CGO1 Describe legal and regulatory frameworks pertaining to Oil and Gas
CGO2 Critically assess the impact of laws affecting cross-border and transnational O & G operations
CGO3 Structure and develop effective Oil and Gas agreements and contracts



Course Topics Topics covered include  
·        Legal Frameworks affecting O & G operations

·        A Taxonomy of National Laws for Extractive Sector Operation

·        Civil Law and O & G Corporate Entities

·        Regulatory Governance of O & G Operations

Day 1
·        International Laws relating to O & G

·        Laws Affecting Cross-Border and Transnational O & G Operations

·        Dealing with Multiple Regulatory Regimes

·        Contract Law Applied to O & G – Forms, Consideration, Intention & Capacity; Simple & Specialty O & G Contracts

Day 2
·        Requirements for O & G Contract Validity and Enforceability

·        Doctrine of Privity Issues

·        Discharge of O & G Contracts; Dealing with Contractual Breaches

·        Remedies; “Quantum Meruit” Issues

Day 3
Course Scheduling Information
Course Run Dates Course timings to suit EMBT College Schedule and/or client requirements


Course Duration 3-4 days (this may be varied or customized to suit the client)




Course Delivery Approach

The courses are delivered via instructor-led sessions.  Emphasis is placed on the use of topical case studies and relevant simulations to impart practical knowledge and expertise.  Sessions will involve a mix of instructor presentations and case study work, with supporting classroom discussions.





Assessment & Certification

Assessment of performance will be through delegate-completed portfolio of work.  The final course outcome is a college-issued Course Certificate of Completion which is also UK Ofqual-endorsed.




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