CSC111: Digital Security and Privacy on Oil & Gas Information Systems

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CSC111: Digital Security and Privacy on Oil & Gas Information Systems


About this course

This intensive course  has the following structure/outline –

Course Outline
Course Name/Title Digital Security and Privacy on Oil & Gas Information Systems
Course Number CSC111
Who will benefit from attending? This course is designed for –

·        Senior, Mid-level and Junior Managers

·        Supervisory Staff

·        Project Managers

·        Team Leaders

·        Staff needing to hone their digital security administrative skills


This offering of the course is contextualized for the oil and gas sector and offers a number of exemplars and case studies for that industry.


The course allows delegates to update their knowledge and learn new or improved techniques for a variety of formal work settings.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)  

On completing the course, delegates will be able to –


CGO1 Critique digital security models and approaches.
CGO2 Craft and assess the effectiveness of Digital Security Risk Management (DSRM) schemes
CGO3 Critically evaluate Privacy and Data Protection Systems



Course Topics Topics covered include  
·       Digital Security Models and Protocols – recent advances and practices

·       Current trends with cryptography protocols

·       Challenges implementing biometric and physical security

·        Authentication, Usability and Access Control issues for distributed and cloud-based systems

·        Multilevel and Multilateral Digital Security approaches

·        Mobile and IoT Digital Security Challenges

·        Penetration testing, Web, Cloud and Software Security trends

Day 1
·       Digital Security Risk Management Frameworks – recent advances and trends

·       Managing digital assets, risks, threats and vulnerabilities

·       NIST, ISO and PCI Risk Regulatory inputs and frameworks

·       Crafting effective DSRM systems – KPIs, Metrics and Rating

Day 2
·       Privacy and Data Protection System attributes and tools

·       Privacy by Design techniques for Data Protection Systems

·       Cloud-based Data Protection Engines

·       Data Governance and Compliance issues

·       Commercial Data Governance Engines – current trends and tools

Day 3
Course Scheduling Information
Course Run Dates Course timings to suit EMBT College Schedule and/or client requirements


Course Duration 3-4 days (this may be varied or customized to suit the client)




Course Delivery Approach

The courses are delivered via instructor-led sessions.  Emphasis is placed on the use of topical case studies and relevant simulations to impart practical knowledge and expertise.  Sessions will involve a mix of instructor presentations and case study work, with supporting classroom discussions.





Assessment & Certification

Assessment of performance will be through delegate-completed portfolio of work.  The final course outcome is a college-issued Course Certificate of Completion which is also UK Ofqual-endorsed.




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