CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing – Diploma in Sustainable Marketing

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CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing – Diploma in Sustainable Marketing

About this course

This program has the following structure/outline –

Professional Qualification Outline
Qualification Name/Title Chartered Institute of Marketing – Diploma in Sustainable Marketing
Qualification Acronym CIM
Body Offering the Award / Qualification Chartered Institute of Marketing
Qualification Levels  


3rd Level Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing
4th Level Certificate in Professional Marketing
6th Level Diploma in Sustainable Marketing



Description for each level of the Qualification  

Level 3: Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing


·        Marketing Principles (mandatory)

·        Communications in Practice (elective)


3rd Level

Level 4: Certificate in Professional Marketing


·        Applied Marketing (mandatory)

·        Planning Campaigns (mandatory)

·        Customer Insights (elective)


4th Level

Level 6: Diploma in Professional Marketing


·        Marketing and Digital Strategy (mandatory)

·        Innovation in Marketing (mandatory)

·        Sustainability (mandatory)


6th Level
Other Information about the Qualification  

Useful Facts and Requirements for the Qualification


·        1 – 3 months to complete a module, on average

·        6 – 12 months to complete a certificate or diploma

·        Candidates have to be registered as CIM Members

·        Assessments are typically by means of written assignments


Qualification Levels Scheduling & Price Information
Qualification Level Run Dates The courses for each qualification level are offered every semester.  The semesters start at the months of September, January, May and July each year.  Please contact the EMBT Admissions Office ( for specific start dates.


Course Duration Each module runs for 12 weeks of the semester.




Qualification Delivery Approach

The Qualifications are delivered via instructor-led sessions, held in one of three modes – online, on-site or blended.  Emphasis is placed on the use of topical case studies and relevant simulations to impart practical knowledge and team-building expertise.  Sessions will involve a mix of instructor presentations and case study work, with supporting classroom discussions.




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