CII – Advanced Diploma in Insurance

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CII – Advanced Diploma in Insurance

About this course

This program has the following structure/outline –

Qualification Name/Title Advanced Diploma in Insurance (RQF Level 6)
Qualification Acronym CII Advanced Diploma
Body Overseeing the Award/Qualification CII – Chartered Insurance Institute
Course details A.     Group 1 Modules

·        (530) Economics and Business, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (820) Advanced Claims, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (930) Advanced Insurance Broking, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·       (945) Marketing Insurance Products and Services, 30 credits, 150 study hours

1st Segment
B.     Group 2 Modules

·        (960) Advanced Underwriting, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (990) Insurance Corporate Management, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (992) Risk Management in Insurance, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (995) Strategic Underwriting, 30 credits, 150 study hours




C.     Group 3 Modules

·        (996) Strategic Claims Management, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (997) Advanced Risk Financing and Transfer, 30 credits, 150 study hours

·        (590) Principles of Takaful, 30 credits, 120 study hours




Other Information about the Qualification  

Useful Facts and Requirements for the Qualification



The Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Insurance provides you with enhanced understanding of insurance practice and is a comprehensive assessment of market knowledge and understanding.


On completion, the Advanced Diploma demonstrates your advanced technical awareness and critical understanding of the sector to your colleagues, customers and regulators. Widely recognised, it stands as evidence of your commitment and ability, and can be your passport to

a successful career.


Members who hold the Advanced Diploma in Insurance, and have at least five years’ sector experience, are eligible to apply for Chartered status.


It is recommended that you complete the Diploma in Insurance or equivalent, prior to studying for the Advanced Diploma.


Completion requirements:

The Advanced Diploma requires a minimum of 290 CII credits for successful completion, with at least 150 at Advanced Diploma level, and a further 55 at Diploma level or above.


The remaining 85 credits can come from any units within the insurance framework.


Contributing towards these requirements, candidates must achieve unit M05, one unit from M92 or 530, and one unit from 820, 930 or 960:


Assessment Methods:

The Advanced Diploma is assessed primarily via coursework assignments.  Study is based on a 12-month enrolment period

from the date of purchase.


Candidates must pass three written assignments, each typically

2,000-3,000 words.


Note though that the Islamic Finance/Insurance module – 590 (Principles of Takaful) features a written examination.  This is typically an on-screen written examination which may be available by remote invigilation.


Qualification Levels Scheduling & Price Information
Qualification Level Run Dates The modules for each qualification segment or part (A – C) are offered within each semester.  The semesters start at the months of September, January, May and July each year.  Please contact the EMBT Admissions Office ( for specific start dates.


Course Duration Each module runs for approximately 4 – 6 weeks of the semester.




Qualification Delivery Approach

The Qualifications are delivered via instructor-led sessions, held in one of three modes – online, on-site or blended.  Emphasis is placed on the use of topical case studies and relevant simulations to impart practical knowledge and team-building expertise.  Sessions will involve a mix of instructor presentations and case study work, with supporting classroom discussions.


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