CII – Advanced Certificate in Insurance Market Specialization

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CII – Advanced Certificate in Insurance Market Specialization

About this course

This program has the following structure/outline –

Qualification Name/Title Advanced Certificate in Insurance Market Specialization (RQF Level 7)
Qualification Acronym CII Advanced L7 Specialization Certificate
Body Overseeing the Award/Qualification CII – Chartered Insurance Institute
Course details A.     Group 1 Module

·        (994) Insurance Market Specialization, 50 credits, 180 study hours


1st Segment
Other Information about the Qualification  

Useful Facts and Requirements for the Qualification



The Level 7 Certificate in Insurance Market Specialisation has been developed for the broader insurance community. It is ideal for insurance market practitioners who wish to develop their research skills and apply them to a specific subject area.


The Level 7 Certificate will enable you to create learning that matches precisely to your role and career aspirations and gain an in-depth understanding of a chosen topic through research and analysis.


The qualification requires study at a level equivalent to Masters’ degree learning, and as such we would advise candidates not to underestimate the demands associated with its completion.


Candidates should fully familiarise themselves with the available dissertation guidelines and instructions in advance of entry.


Completion requirements:

To achieve the Level 7 Certification, candidates must complete the one core unit, assessed by dissertation on an agreed topic, providing 50 CII credits on successful completion.


Assessment Methods:

Study is based on an 18-month enrolment period from the date of purchase.


Candidates must submit a dissertation, typically 10,000-11,000 words, on an agreed subject.


Qualification Levels Scheduling & Price Information
Qualification Level Run Dates The core module for this qualification can be commenced at any semester.  The semesters start at the months of September, January, May and July each year.  Please contact the EMBT Admissions Office ( for specific start dates.


Course Duration 18 months.




Qualification Delivery Approach

The Qualifications are delivered via instructor-led sessions, held in one of three modes – online, on-site or blended.  For this module, a dissertation adviser (DA) is assigned for the duration of the course, to supervise the project and provide essential dissertation guidance.


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